Takraw And Other Mysteries

Yesterday was a day primarily about two mysteries. The first mystery involved food. I arrived at Legacy at 7AM sharp to enjoy a fine breakfast and wonderful company, as it is always better to eat in pleasant company rather than to eat alone. Having no plans on going elsewhere in the morning, I waited about fifteen minutes for anyone to show up. Eventually, a young lady shows up whose looks, personality, and general attitude remind me of a certain young lady (and friend) I know from the Church in Chile. It struck me as somewhat strange that the similarity would be so striking, but it is something I kept in mind. She was upset that no one had cooked up any rice the previous evening, so as it happened we all had a somewhat late breakfast of fish, rice noodles, ramen noodles, and rice. It was a tasty dish, albeit a bit unexpected for breakfast (I’m not used to fish for breakfast, personally).

After that I did a little bit of planning work on courses. I am looking forward to talking with Erika when she returns and Austin when he returns from his trip so I have some idea of the mutual responsibilities of the various teachers, and what overlap between our classes exists and can be taken advantage of to help our students learn more. I also did some study on the Book of Ruth (I have about ten pages done so far and I’m not even done with the first chapter).

The other mystery, and probably more interesting, as I’m fond of sports and competitive endeavors in general, is a sport I saw a couple of the students playing in the Legacy grounds just before dinner. As I watched, a “net” had been set up between rows of chairs, and two students were playing a game that resembled volleyball, only all the hits were done with the feet or head instead of the hand. Nonetheless, a lot of the rules seemed similar—the net, the baselines, the style of serving, the fact that three hits were the maximum before the ball had to go over, and the fact that one could only score points on service. Further investigation, including an attempt to keep score using Thai counting (this was entertaining), demontrated that the score went up to 15.

I did some sleuthing online, hoping to find out more about the game, and I found an entertaining site translated from Japanese that, despite some obvious translation issues, was an entertaining an worthwhile site [1]. Most people may not know about the game, but it looks like a very interesting one. As it happens, Legacy appears (from what I have read) to be involved in a yearly soccer tournament with other schools (something I wholeheartedly approve of), but would it not be easier, given the small size of Legacy, to have a takraw tournament, since it would only require three players on each side. One could probably even have girls’ and boys’ teams. I don’t know how popular the sport is in Thailand at large, but if two people are willing to play pickup games of a sport after a hard day’s labor at a farm, the sport has to be a sufficiently interesting one to be worth playing on a more official level, right?

[1] http://www.geocities.co.jp/Athlete-Acropolis/2678/english/whatsepa.html

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