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Somaliland Update: Coca Cola Diplomacy, Coming of Age, Independence Party

Coca Cola Implicitly Recognizes Somaliland Independence In a very significant move, Coca-Cola has granted a second “national” franchise to cover the de facto states of Somaliland and Puntland in addition to the defunct franchise granted to the defunct central authority … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Thai Recipes

Cooking school is an interesting experience.  Now, I am at least a competent cook, though by no means a great one, but one feels a lot more competent when one is able to make half a dozen dishes from scratch … Continue reading

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My Private Nation

Feudalism is the enemy of all efficiency in communication and action.  The tendency of people to balkanize into their own fiefdoms, which occurs in just about every low-trust, low-communication society where the power of the central government and the will … Continue reading

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