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This Day In History: On May 14, 1948, Israel Won Its Independence

One of my favorite national anthems is Hatikvah, which means “The Dove” in Hebrew and serves as the Israeli anthem. It eschews the tendency of some national anthems to obscurity, and others to pomposity, by adopting a grave and serious … Continue reading

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Judges 19: The Sons of Korah Start A Civil War

Judges 19 is the beginning of one of the most sordid incidents in all of scripture. It tells the story of a Levite and his faithless concubine facing sodomite townspeople and a horrible rape-murder that leads to civil war and … Continue reading

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Foolish Grasshopper

In the summer of 2000 I taught computers at the United Youth Corps Project in Kumasi, Ghana. While I was there, I heard a story from the minister in charge of the project, Joel Meeker, about his own experiences in … Continue reading

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