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From One Hill Tribe To Another

One of my more obscure research goals is to undertake a comparative ethnology study of hill peoples around the world.  The more one knows about my own personal and family background and interests, the more sense my odd choices of … Continue reading

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The Leper Armadillo

Having already commented somewhat on leprosy previously [1] [2], I was struck by a recent news article about that most humble of roadkill animals, the armadillo [3].  It had previously been thought that leprosy (as it is defined in modern … Continue reading

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He Who Is Not Against Us Is On Our Side: A Modest Proposal For Amending The Rules of Association

One of the sayings by which I live my life is “Know thyself.  Know thy friends.  Know thy enemies.  Know the difference.”  It is vitally important to realize that one is not alone, and that one has both friends and … Continue reading

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