Every Man His Own Travel Agent

One of the more lamentable aspects of the last couple of decades has been the way that technology has encouraged people to do jobs for themselves that used to be done by other people. For those of us that are inclined to interact with others on our own terms and tend not to be extremely sociable when it comes to mundane business, this has led to people scanning and bagging their own groceries at the store, and often also being one’s own travel agent. I have mixed feelings about being my own travel agent. On the one hand, there is a great deal of satisfaction when one finds a good deal or an excellent route and time, but it can be a bit of a chore when one has a complicated trip in mind.

It so happens that for my annual travels in the summer, my mother and I have been working on what is by a considerable amount the most complicated trip that I have ever planned. I do not wish to go into details at this time, as I do not wish to spoil some future entries that will deal with the trip as a whole, but suffice it to say that there have been a lot more moving parts than is usually the case, with some ambitious plans in terms of the timing as well. For those who have enjoyment in the planning as well as the execution of the process, this can work very well. Some people do not enjoy all aspects of the journey as well as others, and so knowing what aspects of travel are most enjoyable can be important in making sure that one does it well.

Today, I found a new (to me) way to purchase plane tickets relating to travel in Europe, and I found it particularly interesting that there are some options to travel that are only available when using certain systems and not others. During the conversation I have been having with my mother over the past couple of weeks or so in looking at flights, one of the interesting aspects has been that I have been able to see far more flights using some means rather than others. The usual travel sites that I have used in the past have proven to be very ineffective in showing the best routes and the best prices for tickets, and so I have had to acquaint myself with other means of finding what I would otherwise look at in different ways. Being able to do so, and figuring out the repercussions of this, can be an interesting task.

When one is making plans to travel for oneself, one has to determine what elements are the most important. As a value traveler, cost is a major consideration personally in my plans, but also of importance is the scheduling of the flights, what stops are present–and especially if those stops add a new airport and/or a new place that I have yet to see, and the way in which a given trip fits into a larger picture, such as the ability to explore an area. When one is traveling with other people, one has to not only suit one’s own tastes but also be in harmony with others, and traveling with people who have the same mindset about what makes for enjoyable trips, or at least complementary ideas, can serve as a good way to make sure that a trip is enjoyable. It is worth noting, though, that the process of providing a trip that is full of enjoyable experiences and worthwhile stories, begins long before the trip itself happens, when one is engaged in the planning aspects of a trip, and can extent long after the trip itself is done.

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