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Ordinary Villainy, Or How I Learned To Appreciate The Moralizing Of Realistic Fiction

One of the aspects of realistic fiction that is often appreciated by literary scholars is that realistic fiction is less moralistic than melodrama, which often explicitly punished those characters that transgressed moral and social codes. Yet there is still moralizing … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: The New York Dolls

One does not need to have hits to be an influential band. It was said of another band that is already in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that their album only sold a hundred albums, but everyone who … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Hidden Life Of Ice

The Hidden Life Of Ice: Dispatches From A Disappearing World, by Marco Tedesco with Alberto Flores d’Arcais How you feel about this book will depend in large part on how you feel about the author’s conceit that the ice of … Continue reading

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