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Some Thoughts On The Slave Mentality

One of the more unfair statements made about the Judeo-Christian perspective is that it is slave religion. It is common, though, if lamentable, for people who are hostile to the Bible to project the problems of their own existence onto … Continue reading

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Book Review: Inside Out: A Personal History Of Pink Floyd

Inside Out: A Personal History Of Pink Floyd, by Nick Mason This is a book that may be too well-mannered for some, but it is difficult to imagine that an insider account of someone who managed to stay on relatively … Continue reading

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Album Review: Greatest Hits (Dan Fogelberg – 1982)

Greatest Hits, by Dan Fogelberg If you’re asking me, this particular compilation was released a little early in Fogelberg’s career. This particular compilation, which includes previously unreleased songs in “Missing You” and “Make Love Stay” was released after the massive … Continue reading

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