On The Supply And Demand Of Racism

It seems strange to think of racism as an economic “good” that has a supply and demand.  Yet we find ourselves in a strange place where people who possess the racism of soft expectations of others grovel and apologize for imaginary structural racism while those who seek for acts of racism to prove their perspective correct find themselves reduced to the sad state of creating hoaxes that, when inevitably exposed, further increase the distance between those who see racism everywhere in white society and those who see it as only a figment of the dark imagination of those who seek to exploit the fears of others.  It should be clear which camp I am in.  Nevertheless, as someone who appreciates a good economic discussion, it is worthwhile to examine the supply curve of overt racist acts and why it is that race-baiters have been forced to create hoaxes to provide the illusion of supply when it comes to overt racism to meet the demand for such acts.  The supply of racism is the presence of overtly racist acts that are present in a society.  For example, a noose in a car garage is a product of racism, but a misunderstood cord is not.  Being beat up by people in red MAGA hats who are of a different race is a product of racism, but hiring people to beat you up and claiming it was supporters of the president is a fraud.  And so on.

The fact that racist acts are so low that hoaxes are made points to the fact that there is a demand for racism.  Why is this the case?  Why would someone want such a horrible thing?  Well, the existence of racism is necessary to support the negative views that leftist activists have about the United States and its supposed incurable racism among its white population.  One cannot demand reparations or demand special treatment from a society that is benign or neutral, and it is clear that a substantial section of the population is increasingly hostile to the demands being placed upon it for illusory racial justice.  In order to bolster claims that the United States is a racist nation there needs to be a certain amount of racism being directed at blacks by whites, since racism directed the other way is denied to be racism by those who clamor the most about supposed injustices.  Yet, for a lot of very sensible reasons, the supply of overt racist acts in a world where everyone can be assumed to have a smart phone that is willing and able to transmit actions to social media with an immediate lynch mob of “righteously” just leftists has dried up completely.  No one is, quite understandably, willing to offer up a supply.  And so those who need a supply but who find the overt racism intolerable are forced to other create hoaxes or to misinterpret benign things as racist, both of which are happening with increasing frequency to the point where the MSM is like the boy who cried racist to diminishing returns.

All of this does not suggest for a moment that the hearts of people are changing in a fundamental way.  Whether or not resentment against race-baiting increases intergroup hostility or the continued presence of race hoaxes maintains the belief that American whites are somehow the most racist and unjust society that has ever existed in the history of a cursed planet is not for me to say.  What it does say, though, is that the sort of casual and public racism that was quite common around me when I was growing up in rural Central Florida has been pushed underground, and it is becoming increasingly unpopular for people to move beyond a superficial and narrow set of mutually agreed upon falsehoods when talking about the subject of race at all.  It simply is not a subject that people will talk about honestly unless they are in the company of those they trust, and that has made honest conversation about what is considered to be racist by all sides, many of whom have very different definitions of racism and related prejudices, completely impossible, unless one wants to start a fight.  And in times like these, there is no shortage of things to start a fight.  What is all the more tragic is that those who start hoaxes do not feel any safer in the aftermath of the exposure of the unreality of the hoaxes, and only feel reassured by those who continue to prop them up in their mistaken need for continual affirmation that they are not hated.  And that insecurity only makes them less worthy of respect and reassurance.  An open society cannot long endure when truth is not prized and those who violate norms of truth and honesty view themselves as the good guys and the arbiters of justice for society as a whole.  This can only end badly unless there is a lot of repentance from those who would seek a supply of racism to justify their own racist hate of whites.

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