So Much To Say, So Little Time

Earlier this week, I spent several days largely incommunicado at a church preteen summer camp where I served a variety of administrative tasks.  During the course of that time I had scheduled some blogs to post, including quite a few book reviews, but at least one of my loyal readers noticed I did not reply quickly to a comment of his, even to make my customary short replies when my book reviews are reblogged, and so he requested an e-mail to know that I was alright.  Sometimes I make posts ahead of time letting others know where I am at a given time, and this time I was so hurried that I was unable to do so.  Perhaps in the future I will make that more of a habit as well.

Given that I feel particularly short on time, I would like to comment on at least some of the things I am working on in the hope that at least some of them will find their way on the blog:

The Blood Of The Innocent Crying Out:  Part Two:  I’ve been working on this for some time, but I am still doing some research and will likely add to it, possibly with some of the other people involved, and I don’t know when I will finish.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due:  Salad Dressings:  For some reason, I end up researching the invention of salad dressings often and have found that there was a golden age of the invention of salad dressings in the United States that is worth exploring and not very well-known, so I will write about this subject, perhaps even later today.

There are other topics that I am not planning to write about but which may spark larger thoughts, and I would like to share them at least in brief.  Recently, for example, I read some comments that were quoted by a former chess champion that cited the Washington Post [1] as an authoritative source.  Knowing that newspaper’s massive ideological bias and distortions of truth as I (and many other Americans) do, I found it somewhat amusing that someone would attempt to prove a point by choosing such a pitiful source to back their opinions up on.  Nevertheless, there are plenty of sources that I consider authoritative that others would have little respect or regard for, and that indicates that the question of sources is something that is less straightforward than we would like it to be, something worth investigating.  At any rate, I have much to say and little to say it, so I will marinate a while on some of these and hopefully something worthwhile will come out.  After all, the only people who hear much about what I have to say are the slow motorists on my way on my long commute.

[1] See, for example:

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