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Good Help Is Still Hard To Find

I read onetime, humorously enough, that doctors who are good at dealing graciously and kindly with patients (almost) never get sued for medical malpractice.  Although people skills is a soft skill and is not necessarily the sort of matter that … Continue reading

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Book Review: Christ, A Complete Savior

Christ, A Complete Savior, by John Bunyan Admittedly, I did not agree with everything in this book.  To be sure, there was a great deal I did agree with this book and much I appreciated about the author’s tough-mindedness concerning … Continue reading

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Book Review: Of Antichrist And His Ruin

Of Antichrist And His Ruin, by John Bunyan I have read at least some of the large body of work by John Bunyan, best remembered for his allegory Pilgrim’s Progress [1], and I am struck by how excellent a writer … Continue reading

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