Letters From The Mailbox: Part Two

Yesterday, I received the following message in my inbox as part of an ongoing conversation I have had with a reader, and I thought I would share the e-mail and some brief comments about it, as I perceive that it will take a series of messages to address the subject in the manner it deserves.  Some time ago, I received a message from this reader after she had read my blog on Abel’s righteous blood crying out, and she wondered if this passage had a broader application.  Given the course the conversation has gone, I think it is fair to say that the application of Abel’s righteous blood as well as the sin of abortion [1] is far wider one than I had thought, and in that light I think it will be worth a considerable amount of writing to sort out some of its complications.  But first, the e-mail:


This is a very difficult issue to talk about and to process but I think I have it down to three basic questions:

  1. Does the Church (meaning the body of Christ) need to repent for utilizing vaccines made with cells/tissue from aborted babies?
  2. If so, does the Church have an obligation to not engage in the deeds of darkness, but rather expose them and bring light to this issue/sound an alarm not only to the body but to the world?
  3. If not – what biblical passages support not doing that?
Most vaccines today contain tissue from a baby girl (WI-38) and baby boy (MRC-5). If Abel’s blood would cry out, wouldn’t these children’s blood also cry out?
I don’t want any child or person to die from a disease that could be otherwise prevented.  But in trying to save our kids in this life, are people endangered for the next life? I’m more concerned about that one.
Sorcery (pharmakeia/pharmakois-from which the word pharmaceutical is derived) is mentioned several times in the New Testament with a caution that those who participate in it will NOT inherit the kingdom of God (Gal 5:20-21; Rev 21:8). Further, Revelations 18:23 indicates that this is a primary sin of Mystery Babylon, which God’s children are specifically called to come out of in Revelations 18:4. Not everyone takes pills but vaccines have certainly gone throughout the whole earth – with very few exceptions.
Sorcery is related to divination – which is defined as rebellion in 1 Samuel. Vaccines “divine” good health for your future. They are not a treatment. They are a predictor/gamble on health that contain a number of ingredients, including cell tissue from aborted babies, that can be harmful for the body – which is the temple of God. They have a list of adverse side effects up to and including death.
In God’s Word:
  • Idolatry, murder, stealing, lying are four big commandments we are not supposed to break and create the foundation for these products.
  • I cannot find a healing miracle of God that comes with adverse side effects up to and including death.
  • I cannot find any passages that indicate that child sacrifice for the purposes of health is appropriate under any circumstances and there seems to be a zero tolerance policy on that.
Based on what I have researched about this baby’s tissues, it seems that the sins involved that I can find that served as the foundation of the development of vaccines include:
  • Pride – putting knowledge of man above the knowledge of God
  • Murder – abortion is murder, lungs that would have held the breath of God became the foundation for this “modern miracle.”
  • Idolatry – child sacrificed to a god of health
  • Sorcery/divination/rebellion – as described above
  • Whoredom – Mammon – both the researcher and the US Government fought over “property of cells” for money
  • Lying
  • Theft – the cells were stolen from one facility and brought to another so the researcher could use them for this purpose
Most Christians/Believers have likely unknowingly participated in this – or they have participated because their churches have condoned this.
Don’t they deserve to be warned so that they can repent based on what it says in Revelations?
Although I knew this 20 years ago, God has recently made it a very hot topic in my quiet time and I am very compelled to sound a very loud alarm as a watchman that a sword may be getting ready to come against the land unless we all fall down and say a) we are so sorry for doing this to ourselves and our children and b) for letting it happen on our watch.  I have had dreams that confirm this but ultimately, I can find no biblical premise for this practice to be in any way something we should be doing.
I know this is super heavy – but I am struggling here with what He has told me…and what I feel may be coming. It gets more urgent every day..  My pastors said that if someone doesn’t know about a sin, and they participate in it, that’s not really their fault and it will be ok.  But I do know. And these are big and serious sins that may lead to the lake of fire!
And I know based on Ezekiel I have to blow a horn…
So could you study and let me know your thoughts here? I need help…and my heart just hurts. It hurts for what I have done (not condemnation but this pain is driving me to action because I have repented and feel a great need to lead others to repent) and it hurts badly for this little baby girl…who might have lived a very different life had she been born in 1962….and for this little baby boy who should have been born in 1966.
Thank you for listening..sorry this is so long.  I type fast…and faster when I’m sad.”

To put it very briefly, here are my answers to the questions posed by the reader above.  Yes, the Church (and the members in it) would need to repent for having taken vaccines that contain cells from aborted children.  Yes, the church also has an obligation to warn about the judgment that comes to those who oppress and destroy the innocent or those who take part in legitimizing that violence.  I am not aware of any scriptures that could justify the use of by-products of abortion in medical research.  Certainly the children involved did not lay down their lives as a sacrifice for the well-being of others; they had no say in the matter whatsoever, and the behavior of the researchers involved in the various cell lines used in these vaccines was immoral in the extreme, a subject I would like to speak at greater length about later.

Speaking as to your next question, I must admit that I was not aware until very recently of this matter myself.  Like most people, I suppose, I had the various vaccines that were required of me during my early childhood and while it is not any sort of secret where these vaccines come from, I had simply never looked into the matter myself.  I suspect a great many believers are in the same position, being hostile to abortion and thinking themselves not involved in the problem but also having found themselves being vaccinated as part of their involvement in public education.  There are quite a few people who have other objections to vaccines, but the source of the human cells used in the development of these vaccines is objectionable enough without speculation as to the role of vaccines in other diseases or the woeful ineffectiveness of vaccines in dealing with the flu, for example.  In that light, yes, I think people should be informed about the development of vaccines and what that has involved so that people can make a principled resistance to receiving into themselves anything that came from the murder of an innocent unborn child, something I and no doubt many others find abhorrent.

How I propose to address these concerns is as follows.  First, I propose to write a brief history of the sad history of the children involved in the vaccines from the research you have sent to me as well as my own reading that lays out how it is that several unborn children came to be a part of scientific research and vaccines that are given to people to this day.  After that I wish to discuss a bit more on the goals of vaccines and how it is that they have become so contentious in contemporary society.  After that I wish to discuss the reluctance on the part of many believers, and especially many religious institutions and organizations to deal with the ramifications of abortion and vaccines in the larger culture.  This all I hope to do if time permits.

[1] See, for example:





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