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Book Review: The Go-Giver

The Go Giver:  A Little Story About A Powerful Business Idea, by Bob Burg and John David Mann This book was loaned to me by an acquaintance of mine who I met in a strange way, when he saw me … Continue reading

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The Blood Of The Innocent Crying Out: Part One

Yesterday morning I chatted on the phone with someone who had sent me a message [1] concerning the issue of abortion in vaccines, and I set about pondering a series of posts to deal with her questions and suggestions in … Continue reading

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Book Review: Plato’s Shadow

Plato’s Shadow:  The Hellenizing Of Christianity, by Gary Petty I did not find out about this book until after I had already written a very lengthy discussion about something this author shows some interest in, namely the Hellenization of biblical … Continue reading

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Book Review: Monophysitism Past And Present: A Study In Christology

Monophysitism Past And Present:  A Study In Christology, by A.A. Luce Make no mistake, this book is a mess.  It is not a worthless mess, something that one should avoid reading, rather a revealing mess that is quite worth reading … Continue reading

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