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Avoiding Total Depravity

Having just examined the way that Catholics try to create a hedge around the impassability and incorruption of Jesus Christ by trying to pass off the absence of “original sin” and the understanding that Jesus Christ gained from sharing the … Continue reading

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How To Become An Atlantic Historian Without Really Trying

From time to time [1], I reflect on how one becomes something without conscious intention, or creates things without doing so consciously.  What is most striking to me is how these things happen in deeply obscure fields of study where … Continue reading

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Book Review: Readings On Jane Austen

Readings On Jane Austen, edited by Clarice Swisher I read this book mostly while enjoying some food at a local sports bar, and the book managed to spark a conversation with an entrepreneur who was impressed to see someone who … Continue reading

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Book Review: Readings On Pride & Prejudice

Readings On Pride & Prejudice, edited by Clarice Swisher I am no stranger either to books on textual criticism [1] or the writings of Jane Austen, and so this book is a natural one for me to read even if … Continue reading

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