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One More Thing I Don’t Want To Know

As someone who is a mandatory reporter in the state of Oregon for at least three reasons, two of them involving my service in church and one of them involving my role as a CASA [1], I pay some attention … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Black Nile

The Black Nile:  One Man’s Amazing Journey Through Peace And War On The World’s Longest River, by Dan Morrison In looking at this author’s work with Slate and his obvious leftist perspective, I am tempted as a reader to troll … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Cruelest Journey

The Cruelest Journey:  600 Miles To Timbuktu, by Kira Salak Although the nation of Mali does not often cross my radar as an interesting place to read about, is a desperately poor country to boot [1], as someone who likes … Continue reading

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