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I Wanted Words But All I Heard Was Nothing

As anyone remotely familiar with my writing knows, I am by no means unfamiliar with that unhappy feeling one gets when one sends messages and communications into a black hole of silence with no reply at all [1].  As someone … Continue reading

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Book Review: Early Christian Writings: The Apostolic Fathers

Early Christian Writings:  The Apostolic Fathers, translated by Maxwell Staniforth It must be admitted that this is not a complete volume of the writings that are considered part of the Apostolic Fathers [1].  Even so, so long as the reader … Continue reading

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Book Review: Your Mind Matters

Your Mind Matters:  The Place Of The Mind In The Christian Life, by John Stott Although I am somewhat familiar with the author’s work [1], I was made familiar with this book by the recommendation of a friend of mine.  … Continue reading

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