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The Chicken Whisperer Is In

Recently, some friends of mine got a few little chicks to add to their small collection of poultry because they were in need of hens to balance the gender ratio of their brood.  I was sympathetic to the plight of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Kidding Ourselves

Kidding Ourselves:  The Hidden Power Of Self-Deception, by Joseph T. Hallinan This book is sort of the flip side of the author’s previous book on why we make mistakes.  This is the sort of book that happens fairly organically for … Continue reading

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Book Review: Why We Make Mistakes

Why We Make Mistakes:  How We Look Without Seeing, Forget Things In Seconds, And Are All Pretty sure We Are Way Above Average, by Joseph T. Hallinan I was recommended this book by an online friend of mine, and although … Continue reading

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