They Know Better

I often ponder my obstinance when it comes to performing tasks I set out to do.  As it happens, when I woke up this morning and went off to work there was some snow falling from the sky, but it was not sticking to the roads, something which shows up from time to time as an issue in my life [1].  When my coworkers and I were beginning our work this morning, we thought that the snow was pretty but at least not in the way of anything.  It felt like being in a snow globe, at least one that was not being shaken by someone, and that is not an unpleasant feeling.  When there is snow falling but the roads are not icy and treacherous, that is not something that this person will complain about at least.  And yet I figured it was less than ideal that I had a trip to visit my CASA kiddo, which would require driving around the streets at night in some of the foothills not too far away from US-26, something which would be less than ideal.

As I am someone who tends to be cautious when driving in such circumstances, I made a point of looking at the traffic throughout the day on the roads close to where I was going, and surprisingly to me, during rush hour when traffic is normally horrible, the traffic on the roads was instead remarkably clear, not only on the maps but also on the traffic cams that I was viewing.  This is an unusual circumstance, and it suggests that most people were leaving work very early or never made it into work at all.  This would not be too much of a surprise, since about half of our department ended up working from home today and more would have if we had been given laptops so that we could work from home.  While there have been winter storm conditions listed since this morning that are going to tomorrow morning at least, if not tomorrow afternoon, it appears as if traffic conditions are not that bad, but this may be more to the fact that no one is on the road than to any sort of ease or pleasure in the driving conditions.  Having looked to see that snow is now sticking to the ground, it could be quite a challenging day, as this driver at least does not greatly enjoy driving in the snow.

But those are the conditions, and they must be braved sometimes, especially in the winter, if one is to see one’s CASA kiddos.  This is not the only time this has happened to me in such circumstances.  One Sunday at the beginning of last year, there was snow on the roads still when I had to drive two to three hours to make my first visit to the parents of the previous CASA kiddo I had.  These parents, as a result of being geographically remote, had not been in the loop as far as how things were going with the case, and my bravery (or foolhardiness) in making the drive in such conditions with such a little pokey car as I have seems to have been an inspiration, as from that point forward things progressed smoothly with the case and the difficulties of communication were able to be overcome.  Whether or not this brave or foolhardy trip will have such positive results is not something I am qualified to say at this point.  I may be a particularly foolhardy driver but usually there is some method to my madness, if not my sheer stubbornness in doing what I have set out to do regardless of the circumstances.

When I see situations where conditions are dubious and where traffic is somehow not very bad at all, I am left to the conclusion that other people know something I do not.  They know better, that the roads are not very good, and that they would rather not be on them and that they will leave the roads to those such as me who drive where Oregonian angels fear to tread.  Such is the life, I suppose.  I have always thought it somewhat odd that someone like myself who comes from fairly warm areas and has a strong aversion to driving on the snow will still do it under circumstances that most people around here seem to blanch at, but I suppose I simply have a higher drive to get certain tasks done, no matter how unpleasant they are.  And so long as things manage to work out in my cautious and timid but stubborn way, I suppose I will continue to do what I set out to do, come what may, even if it is a bit more foolhardy than most people are comfortable being.  Far be it from me to be courageous or brave except in the least glamorous of ways.

[1] See, for example:

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