Made It Through The Snow

There is something rather intriguing about driving into the snow.  As I stopped for gasoline in Napaville, one of my very frequent but seemingly random places to stop on the way to or from Tacoma, I chatted with a fellow who was pumping gas as well and we commented a bit on the joys of driving in weather such as this.  It could have been a lot worse, of course.  The roads were wet and the snow was blowing into my windshield, to be sure, but driving would have been a lot more unpleasant with icy streets and the snow did not stick at least, which made this among the least irritating of my driving experiences in the snow in the Pacific Northwest [1].  And all of that meant that despite the fact that I do not feel today was a very productive day, it was certainly not a disastrous day.  As someone who tends to have ambivalent feelings about snow, it made it at least possible to enjoy the snow that I saw and that I managed to feel fall on me however briefly as I swept my car before undertaking my drive.

The timing of snow can be a very interesting matter.  I have found so far in my time in the Pacific Northwest that snow has seldom been at the most convenient time, but also that there are certain patterns to it.  I have had snow fall on weekends and holidays a fair bit, and on at least two occasions snow has meant that I was stranded somewhere I did not intend to be but where I did not mind being.  In looking around at my social media I saw that several people took photos of the snowy conditions while driving as well as the occasional accidents that could be found along the roads.  I was fortunate enough in my driving that while it was a bit slow close to Tacoma, once I moved south of Pierce County the traffic sped up dramatically, aside from a few slow vehicles that I had to pass as I made my leisurely way down the I-5 corridor.  It was nice to see snow in the trees and on the ground away from the road but not on the road itself.

How one feels about snow depends on a lot of factors.  As I have mentioned, I don’t like driving in snowy conditions, but this is because I tend to be a rather cautious person by nature and I did not grow up in an area with a lot of snow, and so I consider such conditions to be at least somewhat rare in my experience, which makes me even more cautious than I would otherwise be, and less inclined to appreciate those who brake a lot and who make it more difficult to have a consistent pace.  Snow is much more enjoyable otherwise, so long as one happens to enjoy where one is and does not intend to go anywhere else.  When I saw that the roads around the West side of Portland were free of snow, I figured it would be a good time to do my grocery shopping as who knows whether things will be as pleasant tomorrow.  They may be fine, but one never knows if there will be ice on the roads or another bit of precipitation to be concerned about.  After all, this snowstorm caught me rather off-guard, as tends to happen from time to time, and is not the sort of surprise I appreciate having.

Yet tomorrow’s concerns need not bother me now.  I have a day off of work and plenty to keep me busy at home tomorrow, and no need to go anywhere for most of the day, and so I feel that regardless of what happens that I can relax and go to sleep and enjoy a peaceful night–at least by my standards–in my own bed.  For those who had long trips to make, I hope your drives were pleasant and that you too made it home safe and sound, even with the snow.  Let your sleep be untroubled by worries about split polar vortices and may you enjoy whatever atmospheric conditions come your way.  And for those who laugh at how little snow it takes for people in the Pacific Northwest, may you fare at least as well regardless of what conditions you have to deal with yourselves.

[1] See, for example:

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