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Fauxcahontas Strikes Back

Like many Americans whose political views tend to the right of center, I have long enjoyed mercilessly mocking the claims of one Massachusetts senator to claim legitimacy with regards to our nation’s troubled identity politics by pointing to her Cherokee … Continue reading

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Book Review: Wild Coast

Wild Coast:  Travels On South America’s Untamed Edge, by John Gimlette I must admit that while I am no stranger to odd travel writings, I am not a particularly wild traveler in the vein of this particular author [1].  One … Continue reading

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Book Review: Willoughbyland

Willoughbyland:  England’s Lost Colony, by Matthew Parker Part historical mystery and part melancholy look at the darker underside of imperialism, this book looks at the origins of Suriname in an English colony established during the chaotic days of the English … Continue reading

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