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Yesterday a couple of my coworkers were telling me about an online game show app where people answer a series of twelve questions in search of real money.  I looked up the game and found out that a version of it is coming for Android phones but was currently only available for iPhones [1].  Since I have an Android phone, my interest in the game did not last particularly long and I quickly put it out of mind because there was much more to hold my interest.  Even so, today at work I was reminded again of it and a couple of coworkers and I decided to test out the game show on one of my coworker’s phones at noon today when the competition started.  I’d like to think that we didn’t do too badly; we made it halfway through the questions before missing on a question relating to the filmography of the governator, who I had voted for so many years ago when I lived in California and participated in the recall election during my time as a college student.

Of course, this is not likely to be a one-time event.  While we were waiting through the lengthy introduction to the quiz show, one of my coworkers joked that the hostess had been on iCarly, a show I know of but never watched, and also made comments about some of her allegedly unsavory acting past which I was unaware of.  At any rate, I found the hostess to be a friendly one and thought that the way the questions were structured was certainly exciting.  I could see how people would be eliminated quickly for trolling by answering deliberately wrong questions and that having a knowledge of, say, the nationality of painters or legumes or other obscure and esoteric facts could be useful.  Doing some reading afterwards showed that our office is not alone in being a place where coworkers join together to take advantage of having more than one brain and a good chance that at least someone has an interest that would be suitable, although there might be gaps in one’s knowledge as was the case for us with regards to the question we missed.  Such is the life, though, and the game goes on.  There are always more rounds to have a chance at redemption, at least for now.

There is a question, after all, as to what the motive of the people behind HQ Trivia is.  We are a cynical age, and the fact that there is an agenda is commonly recognized, although the creators of the game show are coy about it.  They are the same people who created Vine, though, so this is definitely a step up from that scourge of the pop world where dumb songs with memorable seven second hooks became massive hits because they were popular with teenagers.  One cannot count me among the mourners that this particular website is no more.  One can only wander that the people who made that abomination got paid in the first place for it despite the fact that it never turned a profit.  One can imagine a variety of motives for the game show.  Perhaps aggregating people together in search of free money will be of interest to salivating advertisers who would be able to show adds in between rounds or at the beginning of the quizzes.  Perhaps those people who do a good job at quizzes can be screened as being of interest for a general knowledge base for other interested parties.  There are many possibilities as to how someone would monetize a popular and viral quiz application, and the owners are being rather quiet about which motives they have at present.

It is easy to imagine as well how such a quiz show could go horribly wrong.  Let us go back in time, after all, to the original quiz show, where a brainy but unpopular Jewish contestant was defeated by cheating with the connivance of a WASP of elite family connections.  The scandal, once it broke, was certainly embarrassing for Mr. Van Doren, but he was able to get a second chance through the help of one of his friends, who happened to be the writer Mortimer J. Adler [2].  Could such a fate befall the makers of this quiz show?  Quite possibly.  I have already read discussions on how someone cheated on the game with two phones, which sounds like something a rapper would do.  I do not plan on cheating myself, not being the sort of person who tries to think of ways outside of the rules under most circumstances.  But it remains to be seen just how long this quiz show is played in my office, and how long my braininess will be an asset as part of a team of coworkers.

[1] See, for example:

[2] See, for example:

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