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Shut Up, You Talk Too Much

Over the past few months there has been an increasing trend for athletes to protest what they view as police brutality in various cities to protest during the singing of the National Anthem as some sort of political statement.  I … Continue reading

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Book Review: Medieval Warfare Source Book

Medieval Warfare Source Book:  Christian Europe And Its Neighbors, by David Nicolle Most of the time, when Westerners think of the Middle Ages, they think of knights fighting gallantly on horseback.  What this book does, and does well, is place … Continue reading

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Book Review: What Does Europe Want?

What Does Europe Want?:  The Union And Its Discontents, edited by Slavoj Zizek & Srecko Horvat It may not be clear what Europe wants, but it is all too clear what these unreconstructed Communists want, and that is an end … Continue reading

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