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Cracking The Code

Like many people, I enjoy laughing at an lolcow from time to time.  Tonight, for example, I amused myself by watching a video about Ryan Leaf, one of the worst ever players drafted in the NFL.  In 1998, it was … Continue reading

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Video Review: Great Courses: The Secrets Of Mental Math

Great Courses:  The Secrets Of Mental Math, by Professor Arthur T. Benjamin The professor of this great course is something he considers a mathemagician, the sort of person who is deeply passionate about mathematics [1] as well as in countering … Continue reading

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Video Review: Great Courses: Understanding The World’s Greatest Structures: Science And Innovation From Antiquity To Modernity

Great Courses:  Understanding The World’s Greatest Structures:  Science And Innovation From Antiquity To Modernity, by Professor Stephen Ressler Make no mistake, this was a very enjoyable course to take, and one that many people would likely get a great deal … Continue reading

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