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Hurricane Party

My first awareness of the power and fury of tropical storms came when I was a child [1].  When I was four or five, somewhere around there, I remember traveling with my family to services in St. Petersburg, Florida during … Continue reading

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Book Review: Making Make-Believe Real

Making Make-Believe Real:  Politics As Theater In Shakespeare’s Time, by Gary Wills Mostly being familiar with Gary Wills’ flagrant misunderstanding of the American experience and its key texts in order to support an illegitimate progressive worldview [1], it was interesting … Continue reading

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Book Review: Bizarre Politics

Bizarre Politics:  The Audacity, Stupidity, Incompetence, And General Idiocy Of Our Leaders…Unfortunately!, by Joe Rhatigan There is no shortage of ridiculous things that a book can say about the politics of the United States [1]–which this book focuses on–even though … Continue reading

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