Book Review: Authors Digital Enterprise

Authors Digital Enterprise, by Maini Chaudhri

[Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Author’s Den.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

I found it somewhat difficult to fully appreciate this book.  The author is not particularly proficient in the English language, and in terms of its use of the English language, this book is among the worst books I have ever read [1].  Even the title has a grammatical error with a missing apostrophe in Author’s.  So, what we have here is a book which appears to have been written by someone whose knowledge of English is extremely shaky and which may have been translated via something like Google translate.  This is not the best practice as far as books are concerned.  That said, although this book is extremely rough from the point of view of language, there is a lot of content in this book that is worthwhile.  A charitable reader will find much to appreciate in these pages and to apply to their own career, especially if one is a writer with a certain degree of commercial interests.  Because of this value, this book is a work with poor language that nevertheless deserves attention for its content.

The contents of this book are very practical and focused on helping writers make more money while celebrating change and leveraging automation to do more in the same time.  The author talks about the new internet scene for writers, taking advantage of automation, and using deep knowledge to develop a unique identity from others.  After this the author talks about change management, standardizing their approach to writing and publishing, and using agile marketing to increase book sales.  The author then talks about personal profiles as well as a clever use of Facebook to drive up likes and shares and awareness of a writer’s work via social media.  After this the author turns to the need to make the mobile experience worthwhile and encourage a good customer experience.  The author then closes with a discussion about e-mail marketing, optimizing products for sales on Amazon, and scaling the enterprise of the author.  The book as a whole takes about 100 pages to lay out an approach for authors to leverage the power of bots and automatic practices to do more as writers and self-publishers.  This is not a new message, to be sure, but it is a good message even if it places a somewhat heavy burden on contemporary writers.

What kind of reader will appreciate this work?  For a reader to appreciate this book fully two things will be necessary.  For one, the reader will need to be a writer who is interested in gaining an understanding of tools to increase the marketability of their writings as a self-published author.  For another, the author will need to have a high tolerance for poor and ungrammatical English.  This may seem like an unusual combination of qualities for readers.  The suggestion is for the writer to do some copy-editing of her book or to hire someone who can understand English well enough to use apostrophes correctly and speak in nuanced and complex prose.  Even so, this book is a worthwhile one that has a lot going for it if you can get behind the text to look at the contents.  Whether or not many readers do this is a mystery to me.  I myself feel somewhat torn between viewing it as a very savvy guide from an experienced self-published author and a laughably bad, even legendary example of poor English, but there should at least be an international market among people who are less picky about he way a book is written for this book.

[1] See, for example:

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