A Holding Pattern

I apologize a bit in advance for the shorter than usual report than usual.  I’ve been doing some hurricane research that I don’t wish to write about again [1] because most people are probably sick of it by now.  In addition to that tonight the cold and wet weather triggered a gout attack while I was reading in the evening and when my foot is in pain I tend to be a bit more waspish than usual, which is waspish enough for most people I would suppose.  Trying to write without ranting can be a difficult challenge on a day like this, although it is good that the weather is getting more wet because the summer has been terrible as far as drought conditions are concerned.  That which is good for people in general may not always be good for me.  When we look at life from the point of view of what is most convenient for us, we do not often find that the world conforms to that.

One of the stories that struck me from my recent research was from a meteorologist who happened to fly into Hurricane Hugo in 1989.  He and his associates were in a small airplane with four engines and had thought that they were flying into a Category 3 hurricane, so they flew low at about 1500 feet.  Unfortunately, they were flying into a much stronger Category 5 hurricane that ended up throwing the plane around and sending it into a dive that was only averted by their reaching the eye of the storm and calm conditions.  Unfortunately, one of their engines had been on fire, so they required help from another more robust plane that found a relatively soft patch for them to limp home to with an amazing story to share at having survived a surprise battering from one of the strongest storms of recent history.

It has always bothered me the way that Progressives have often seemed to be particularly keen on using disasters as a way of furthering their harmful political agendas.  This is not a particularly new problem, it should be noted.  Muckruckers in the early 1900’s sought to dig up a great deal that was corrupt and unpleasant within the world and draw enough attention to it to provoke social change.  FDR used the Great Depression as motivation to pass a socialist agenda and to push an even more socialist agenda that, thankfully, was not enacted into law with a bogus series of ten additional bills of supposed rights.  We see the same thing nowadays, where every hurricane prompts hand-wringing about the dangers from mythical anthropogenic climate change and where every act of violence with a gun that is not from a Muslim or a fellow progressive is viewed as signalling the need for more strict regulation of firearms.

What this suggests as that life with an agenda is a life lived in a holding pattern.  One has a ready-made program that one wants to adopt, usually one that makes life a lot more burdensome and unpleasant for the world at large.  During normal times one lays low, knowing that people would be particularly hostile towards one’s plans and schemes if they were openly discussed, only sharing one’s insights with those who agree with one’s opinions.  Yet when any kind of negative event happens, something that can be considered a crisis or something that can be hyped up, then the agenda comes out fully armed like Athena from the head of Zeus.  Quite frankly, I would much rather the holding pattern last long enough for an agenda to be discredited, but that does not seem to be the sort of world we live in right now.  Instead, crises happen all the time, so often that one can be forgiven for having a bit of fatigue about them.  I know I do.

[1] See, for example:







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