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If I Could Walk On Water

In 1988 Eddie Money released the single “Walk On Water.”  It became his last top ten hit to date on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and aside from a blistering guitar solo from a onetime member of his band who … Continue reading

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Book Review: Atlantis: The Andes Solution

Atlantis:  The Andes Solution:  The Discovery Of South America As The Legendary Continent Of Atlantis, by J.M. Allen When people think of the myths of Atlantis or the many stories that are based on those myths, a lot of fantastic … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Bit Of Atlantis

A Bit Of Atlantis, by Douglas Erskine Sometimes it is a bit of a mystery why someone’s book has been forgotten over the years.  There is no such mystery regarding this book.  This book is chiefly of interest to those … Continue reading

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