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Identify, Please Identify

At first glance, I may not be the person who can be thought of as the ideal fan for an artist like Natalie Imbruglia [1].  Rising to fame as an actress on the Australian soap opera Neighbors, her main claim … Continue reading

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Book Review: Understanding The Great Gatsby

Understanding Great Literature:  Understanding The Great Gatsby, by Michael J. Wyly This is an excellent book about an excellent book.  I happen to like the Great Gatsby a lot [1], although I did not read it until I read it … Continue reading

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Book Review: Understanding To Kill A Mockingbird

Understanding Great Literature:  Understanding To Kill A Mockingbird, by Catherine Bernard There is a bit of an irony about this book.  Actually, there are several layers of irony.  For one, this book was written in the early 2000’s, before Harper … Continue reading

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