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Life In The Dar Al-Harb

In classical Islamic jurisprudence, the world is divided into two sections, the world of Islam and the world of conflict.  Yet we know that this definition is far too simplistic if we know anything about the world.  The world of … Continue reading

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What Is The Gold Cup And Why Should You Care?

I admit that being a soccer fan in the United States is one of my more unusual interests [1].  In the summer of 2008, when I still lived in Tampa, I actually paid (not very much) to watch the Olympic … Continue reading

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Book Review: America’s Prophet

America’s Prophet:  Moses And The American Story, by Bruce Feiler If you are somewhat familiar with the author’s body of writing or about the relationship between American history and theology [1], then you have a fair guess as to what … Continue reading

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Book Review: Abraham: A Journey To The Heart Of Three Faiths

Abraham:  A Journey To The Heart Of Three Faiths, by Bruce Feiler Although I am not particularly fond of the author’s views when it comes to scripture, and there is certainly a lot to find fault with here in those … Continue reading

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