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The Glory Of An Analyst Is To Analyze

Often I ponder the relationship between different fields of study.  For example, in economics there is a great divide between macroeconomics in its look at large scale aggregates and microeconomics that looks at individual firms and the decisions of people. … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Institutes Of Biblical Law (Volume One)

The Institutes Of Biblical Law (Volume One) by Rousas John Rushdoony My feelings about Calvinism are not very hidden.  I’m pretty open about them, and the thoughts tend towards the negative [1].  This book, at 850 pages, is a good … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Institutes Of Biblical Law: Volume Three: The Intent Of The Law

The Institutes Of Biblical Law:  Volume Three:  The Intent Of The Law, by Rousas John Rushdoony Most books by Theonomist authors [1] tend to be somewhat long, but one of the things I have appreciated about this author is that … Continue reading

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