Everything Has To Be An Adventure

Yesterday, shortly after posting my discussion of the sermon this past Sabbath [1], the internet went down where I live, and finding that resetting the router was unsuccessful.  Despite the lateness of the hour, it being around midnight, I decided to conduct a search for a wifi network I could use to finish up some business before calling it a night.  It did not go well.  For whatever reason my computer simply could not stay logged on to those networks that were open at that hour of night, and as I was in my pjs I was not inclined to go inside any of those few restaurants that were open 24 hours a day.  And so I returned home rather irritated after having made a loop around the area where I live and unplugged the ethernet cable from the router and plugged it directly into my computer, and found that it worked.  So the router box is toast for now but at least the internet connection as a whole works if I plug it in directly.  This should at least limit the adventures I undertake in search of internet, for the moment, and hopefully it does not take long for the router to cool down enough to be usable again.

This morning, when I woke up, I saw a message from someone inviting me to a Memorial Day dinner in another part of the Portland area, where I visit commonly.  I sent my agreement and said I would be out within an hour or so.  And after taking a shower and starting my laundry, I was out, and wrestling with a lot of red lights despite the lack of traffic.  Eventually, though, I managed to get a clear road without slow traffic in the way and enjoy the rest of my drive to the middle of nowhere where I fond myself quite a bit [2].  When I found myself there my presence seemed at least a mild surprise to some of the people there, but there had been at least some hinting on the Sabbath that there might be some Memorial Day plans afoot, and I suppose it was not a bad surprise for them to see me there, at the very least.  If I surprise others I want the surprise to be happy and enjoyable, at least.

For some time in life I have noticed that much of life seems to be an adventure.  That which others take for granted seems to require a great deal of effort for me.  I’m not sure whether that is simply because I notice more than most people do, or because I simply do not act in as straightforward a way as other people do, but I have noticed that a large part of life has simply been a lot of adventures doing things that seem rather ordinary for others.  Other people may be able to take for granted getting kao soy for one’s birthday, or driving to a remote part of the Oregon coast, or even to go online, but for such activities I find adventures on a pretty regular basis.  Perhaps I simply need more adventures and more questing than the average person does.  Perhaps much of life is a test of persistence, to see if I will persist in the face of obstacles and demonstrate resilience where other people simply would not find it necessary to persist at all.

What is the attitude we have to adventure?  Do we relish the opportunity to go to somewhat extreme lengths for what others (and ourselves most of the time) take for granted?  Are we irritated and annoyed at the fact that the things that should be simple for us to find take so long and require such extreme effort to obtain, if at all?  Do the difficulties we face doing things make us more compassionate with others, for whom such things come much easier?  Do we view adventures and quests and lengthy efforts as being signs of our own incompetence or divine discontent with the course of our lives, or as opportunities to build character and develop empathy for the struggles of others?  Our adventures may not have a great deal of meaning in the incidents themselves, but as human beings we seem hard-wired to seek meaning in the mundane aspects of our existence.  So long as there is something that jars us from the humdrum aspects of our existence, we will ponder whether our experiences are glorious or signs of our folly and incompetence.  So much is in the eye of the beholder.

[1] https://edgeinducedcohesion.blog/2017/05/29/youth-tales-of-crisis-and-despair/

[2] See, for example:





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