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A Garden Worth Returning To

Yesterday evening during the course of my epic travels [1], I was invited by a friend of mine to go along with her and her mother to a garden.  At first the garden was not specified and I had in … Continue reading

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Book Review: That Other World

That Other World:  Personal Experiences Of Mystics And Their Mysticism, by Stuart C. Cumberland This book sneaks up on you.  When the author begins talking about his self-professed amateurish investigations into the occult, one gets the sinking feeling that one … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Ideal Made Real

The Ideal Made Real, or Metaphysics For Beginners, by Christian D. Larson I really detest books like this from the standpoint of metaphysics and theology, but if there is one thing that my reading on early 20th century occult thinking … Continue reading

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