Into A Void Of Silence

When I am going silent for any reason for any particular period of time, I feel it necessary to justify and explain myself, lest people wonder what is going on, or lest any opportunity for misunderstanding result from my not being able to comment or respond as quickly as is my usual fashion [1].  So, anyway, as I am overscheduled as is my usual fashion for the next few days I thought it would be worthwhile to explain what I will be doing until I am able to chat again, so as to allay any concerns and also provide at least some heads up about what I am likely to talk about when I next come online.  As I write this, it is before 7AM on Thursday morning on October 13, 2016 in a rural community outside of Portland where some friends of mine live, and I have a lot to do.   Some of that is mundane: pretty soon I will be eating breakfast and heading off to Beaverton to be in a Citizen’s Review Board hearing for my CASA kiddo, before racing off to the airport to travel.

It is really this travel that will keep me from being online for a bit.  I have a flight this afternoon to Los Angeles and then a longer flight to Moscow, and then a relatively short flight to Tallinn, Estonia, where I am supposed to arrive Friday evening.  I am under somewhat strict orders from my mum, who is concerned about how my blogs are taken by other people (for good reason, unfortunately), not to blog at all until I arrive in Estonia.  By the time I arrive there I will likely have at least one post about my travels to write and also several book reviews I need to catch up on for the reading I have done en route.  Perhaps there will even be a movie review if I catch a film on the lengthy plane ride to Russia.  I do not know at this point.  What I do know is that I have four book reviews scheduled, two tonight that will likely come out just before this one and two that come out on Friday evening, and I am not sure when I will be able to write again.  Here’s hoping it is just a short time away, but as is my fashion, I figured I owed my loyal readers an explanation for my silence, however short it is.  May others profit by the example.

[1] See, for example:

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