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Starting Off On The Right Foot

Today, my lesson for Sabbath School [1] was originally planned to be the tenth plague, but I found out last night that the previous teacher, and occasional reader of this blog, two weeks ago had covered the tenth plague and … Continue reading

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What Makes A Friday Good?

Today, for the first time in my entire working life, I received as a paid holiday from work Good Friday. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I pondered how to make this day as productive as … Continue reading

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Book Review: Missoula

Missoula: Rape And The Justice System In A College Town, by Jon Krakauer In many ways it is best to begin this review where the book ends, and then try to make sense of it, to separate its emotional force … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Rape Of Nanking

The Rape Of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust Of World War II, by Iris Chang It is immensely shocking that this book, which was published in 1997, and which I acquired as part of the books on discount at a Portland-area … Continue reading

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