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On Caus Mieux Quand On Ne Dit Pas Causons

Last night I had one of my all too frequent nights of troubled dreams [1]. I dreamed that I was returning to the area of Central Florida where I grew up in the company of others, showing them around to … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Thinking Too Much; Help Me

Not all repetition is vain repetition. To be sure, the sort of repetition by which a naughty child in school is given a certain number of lines to write on the board, or by which the penitent in a Roman … Continue reading

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Book Review: God In The Dock

[Note:  When I originally read and reviewed this book, I took the editor’s claim at face value that he had been a longtime friend of C.S. Lewis.  Apparently, this is not the case, based on the research of Kathryn Lindskoog.] … Continue reading

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