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Book Review: The Conservative Bookshelf

The Conservative Bookshelf, by Chilton Williamson, Jr There are some books that contain within them certain assumptions that may not be shared by the book’s likely reading audience. Such is the case with this particular book. The author of this … Continue reading

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For He Observes Himself, Goes Away, And Immediately Forgets What Kind Of Man He Was

In reading a book review of sorts within a larger collection of book’s highly recommended by an author whose judgment and insight I viewed as suspect, I came across the following quote from the book being reviewed in the book … Continue reading

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Bang Bang (My Neighbor Shot Me Down)

One of the unfortunate spillover effects from the ongoing problems in Syria [1] is the rising tensions between Russia and Turkey, two neighbors who have historically not seen eye to eye for a variety of reasons over a long period … Continue reading

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