You’re Never Too Young To Have Girl Problems

Recently I came across a poignant but also somewhat humorous video where a five year old boy was talking to his mother about his girl problems. Apparently, the young man had been caught playing two girls, and was heartbroken at having to deal with the consequences of his cheating, especially when he found both of the girls to be equally pretty (and apparently he did not have any other qualities he considered important). At the very least, the young man could learn a valuable lesson that having two women in his life is far more trouble than it is worth, and that it is far more worthwhile to choose one good woman and focus on her than it is to try to string along more than one woman for superficial reasons. Hopefully, in time, he can be a wiser man in his dealings with young ladies and a good example for others, and hopefully without that kind of drama in his life in the future.

Today, I went over to some friends for Father’s Day, since I have been adopted by the family in a rather informal way, which I am always appreciative of. While I was there the granddaughters of the hosts brought over their two girl guinea pigs, which spent quite a few minutes being gently pet on my lap on a towel, since it was thought (apparently mistakenly) that one of them was about to go to the bathroom, and the girls thoughtfully did not wish for the guinea pigs to do so on my jeans. On hearing that the girls were taking care of a couple of female guinea pigs but did not bring over their male guinea pig, I was told that the male guinea pig was interested in breeding (he had family on his mind) but the two girls were still a little bit young for breeding and so it was safe to bring them but not bring the male. In hearing this, I was greatly intrigued, and kept the matter in mind to see what would come of it.

When we finally got to eating (which was rather late), the girls’ father was not present, and the eldest of the girls, who I consider a close friend, was quite withdrawn and not eating very much. I noticed that she was eating her hamburger protein style (lettuce over the hamburger and no bread), and she commented that she didn’t like bread much, cuddled with the guinea pigs, and then walked home by herself far earlier than the rest of the family did. During the course of the conversation there was one particularly fascinating interchange between me and the daughter of the host (who happens to be the mother of the young ladies), where she commented about the lady problems that the male guinea pig had. I commented that no matter how young the ladies in question were, that lady problems were serious business [1], to which the mother replied that sometimes that meant that the man had to wait a little while (presumably so the ladies could grow up a little). I agreed with this statement, as it is true, and one could see the jolts and hear the gasps from others at the table, as they realized that the conversation was about slightly more than the lady problems of a somewhat impatient guinea pig with family on his mind. Like just about every other time I go out to eat at someone’s house [2], this conversation left me with a lot to think about.

Of course, at least I got a running start on my thinking because after we finished eating there was plenty of time to nap a bit and daydream, before I had another conversation where I expressed some of my own thoughts about my experiences with Thailand and how they tended to introduce the same concerns I have been dealing with here in Portland. I’m not sure I feel particularly prepared to be a comforting friend to people under pressure, or how to avoid keeping my vulnerabilities (and those of others) from leading to trouble and drama and complications. Perhaps some day I will get better at this than I am today. One is never too young to have girl problems, even if one is a young guinea pig or a little boy who is insufficiently picky about what kind of young ladies to date. Sadly, I am not too old or too wise for such problems either, though.

[1] This is no joke.

[2] See, for example:

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