Seating Chart

Sometimes a day can be unified by a straightforward and unusual theme, and that was the case for me. In fact, looking at what happened today, a fairly obvious theme that tied together today’s events was the theme of a seating chart, or a larger concern with boundaries and place. These are fairly common concerns [1], but today offered these concerns in a particular interesting visual image, that of the seating chart. I would like, in the time that I have before I go to sleep this evening, to comment at least somewhat about the thread of seating charts that ran through today and that that means, and what sort of implications are present because of that in terms of behavior and related matters, especially since formal seating charts are something that have always caused a great deal of humor to me.

This theme was rather suddenly brought to my attention this afternoon when I showed up for choir practice and found myself close to the middle of the back row. Considering a few times recently I have had to deal with awkward standing positions in choir and concerns about how that would be viewed by others, despite my own lack of interest in either bothering the person or in causing trouble for her (or myself) [2], I felt it necessary to go to our choir director about the chance actions and the sorts of conversations I felt it necessary to have for my own sake, since things kept on happening over and over again. I did not know how he would deal with it, but he decided to deal with it very quickly and pointedly, by providing a way to make sure that those people causing at least the potential of difficulty will not be present near each other, at least during practices. We will see how long this lasts, but in the meantime, I suppose I can take whatever credit or blame is attached to that belongs to me.

After Sabbath school [3], I heard a sermon about Germany in prophecy that dealt with Assyria [4] and it made me ponder about the way that God sets the boundaries of people for purposes of judgment or of blessing. There are places that are safe and others that are not safe in life, neighbors that are friendly and others that are not. I’ve lived long enough to have known that this world is full of places that aren’t particularly safe for myself and for others, largely based on our own experiences as well as our own vulnerabilities and sensitivities. Yet there are some people, those who like to bully and tyrannize and behave in ways that are treacherous and disloyal, that no one is safe around. I shall have to ponder more about that sort of matter, and the reasons why people tend to be placed around others with whom they are unsafe for what appears to be moral purposes.

Interestingly enough, there was a seating chart at dinner this evening for our dinner club, which had me sitting on one end of the table, the hosts at the other end of the table, and the other two couples in the middle. The food (a taco bar) was tasty, I enjoyed a strawberry margarita (a rare example of my drinking, although I turned down multiple requests to have more to drink after my one drink), and the conversation was friendly as usual [5]. I have to say that one of the guests in particular was a frequent skiier, which I did not expect. I hope to get the chance to ski with him and others at least somewhat in the future. I like the fact that this sort of club can allow one to get to know and spend time with those one would not really know otherwise, with the possibility of closer friends and the development of greater and wider social ties. Here’s hoping for a good fourth meeting, which I will host, and to doing this again next year, even if I’m rare doing this as a bachelor.

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