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The Handwriting’s On The Wall

One of the most intriguing incidents of God bringing a warning, albeit a belated one, is in Daniel 5. The story of the disembodied hand writing out “mene mene tekel upharsin” has long been a source of commentary for many … Continue reading

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Book Review: Pharaohs Of The Bible (4004-960 BC)

Pharaohs Of The Bible (4004-960 BC): A Unifying High Chronology Of Egypt Based On A High View Of Scripture, by Eve Engelbrite [Note: This book was provided free of charge by Author Blog Tours in exchange for an honest review.] … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Pope And Mussolini

The Pope And Mussolini: The Secret History Of Pius XI And The Rise Of Fascism In Europe, by David I. Kertzer Although Italian history is not something I have often read about, recently I have read a few books that … Continue reading

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