Legacy Class Schedule

As promised, now that the official first semester Legacy course schedules have been released, I will not give a little bit of information about when and what I plan on teaching as an instructor for the first part of this year (though I believe all of my courses are year long so only the times, and not the courses, are expected to change after the Feast).

MWF 1:00PM – Survey of Biblical Doctrines

Here I will be teaching a year-long course to the third year trainees on the doctrines of the Church of God. I will start with a series of lectures on the fundamentals of theology [1], where I will discuss the biblical rules for hermeneutics (interpretation of scripture) as well as where in the Bible we find those rules applied. Once there is a background with the students on the general approach we take to doctrine, a thorough examination of Christian doctrines, using the Holy Days as a framework (with appreciation to Mr. Brian Drawbaugh for his work in this area) will commence. I also have a very worthwhile and very challenging final project designed for this class that will make up half of their final grade.

MW 4:00PM – Public Speaking

Here I will be using the old Worldwide Church of God public speaker’s manual as the framework to a class to teach public speaking to second-year Legacy trainees. They will give as many speeches as possible (I’m hoping at least 6-8 during the course of the year, which should be manageable) and will also learn how to organize their thoughts. I also plan on adding elements from what the trainees request (if they request anything) and also having roleplays of public speaking and interviews.

TTh 1:00 PM, F 11AM – Leadership

Using the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens (review forthcoming) and Speed of Trust [2] as a backbone (in addition to scripture), this course will teach the theory, and provide practice, in godly leadership, starting from self-discipline and moving out from there. This is a class that trainees look forward to learning, according to what I have been told, and also a class that I look forward greatly to teaching.

TTh 5:00PM, F – 3:00PM – History of the Christian Church

In this course, which in previous years was the Life and Times of Jesus Christ, I plan on teaching the history of the early Church of God as found in Acts, the Epistles, and Revelation, and in showing the relevance of the enmeshed society of the Roman Empire (where many were noncitizens, and where it was necessary to find a patron or patroness) to life in Southeast Asia.

These are the normal four classes I will teach throughout the First Semester (which lasts from Pentecost until the Feast of Tabernacles), but during the first month and a half I will have an additional class to teach:

MTW 3:00PM – Old Testament History

It will be my goal in this class during the month that I have it to teach as much of Genesis is possible, so that students understand the patterns of doctrine and behavior that manifest themselves through biblical history starting from the origins of humanity. I hope the second-year trainees are able to grasp the significance of these patterns and are not overwhelmed by the complexity of the material.

[1] https://edgeinducedcohesion.wordpress.com/2010/12/21/on-the-fundamentals-of-theology/

[2] https://edgeinducedcohesion.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/book-review-the-speed-of-trust/

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