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Entering Through The Front Door: The Endurance of Antebellum Hospitality

Though I am a Northerner myself in terms of my own cultural mindset, I come from a family where there is a fairly deep and strong element of Southern culture and worldview.  This sort of dynamic presents itself in unusual … Continue reading

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Dieu Et Mon Droit: An Examination of English Heraldry

Last week it was announced that the second in line to the English Succession, Prince William, was engaged to a beautiful and elegant English commoner named Kate Middleton, whose parents are entrepreneurs but who studied Art History at St. Andrews … Continue reading

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Character Is Destiny

In the, so far, most notable of slightly more than three score plays I have written (and one of two plays, so far, with its title taken from lyrics to a Nelly Furtado song, oddly enough), a work called “Even … Continue reading

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