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L’etat C’est Moi, or Lex Rex: Two Approaches To Authority

Introduction When all the different and infinite variations of government structure are examined, there are two fundamental approaches to government. It is the intention of this short essay, as a lengthy one could be written, to examine the fundamental attributes … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis, Logic, and Fantasy

George MacDonald, though little remembered today [1] was one of the great original authors of fairy tales in the 19th century. Perhaps his greatest achievement was in his inspiration of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien through his writings. As Dickenson … Continue reading

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A Meditation On The Divine Will

Sometime in late 1864, as the Civil War was nearing its completion and Lincoln was approaching his reelection, he penned a private note that was not discovered until some years after his death, which is called by historians “Meditation on … Continue reading

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The Secession Problem

For almost my entire life I have struggled to make sense of what may be termed as “the secession problem.” What are the boundaries of authority, the points at which larger units break apart into their constituent parts? The secession … Continue reading

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The Missionary Approach of the Heliand

Introduction I first became familiar with the Heliand, the Saxon Gospel, through reading a book written by Matthew Dickerson and David O’Hara that defended fantasy literature as a valuable genre for Christian reading and writing. I was intrigued by how … Continue reading

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Let Us Have Faith That Right Makes Might: The Enduring Relevance of the Cooper Union Address

Introduction It is regrettably common for neo-Confederates to libelously paint the North as the aggressors in the Civil War, and paint the demands of moderate antebellum Republicans like Abraham Lincoln as treasonous scoundrels who disregarded the Constitution. The fact that … Continue reading

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A Task Greater Than Washington’s: A President’s Day Essay

[Note:  This essay was originally written on February 15, 2010, as an President’s Day essay in honor of Abraham Lincoln.] In closing his magnum opus, A New Birth of Freedom: Abraham Lincoln And The Coming Of The Civil War, Harry … Continue reading

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The Prestige: Some Thoughts on an Arcane Subject

[Note:  This post was originally written on February 17, 2010, and gives some insight on the research I undertook in my master’s degree studies in military history at Norwich University.] As I have just turned in my final draft for … Continue reading

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Vanquishing The Spirit of Rebellion With Malice Towards None

What causes a civil war, whether it is within a nation or within a family or organization? This question has long intrigued me, because my study of the American Civil War, whose 150th anniversary approaches gave me a window into … Continue reading

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From One, Many: Musings on Ethnogenesis

How is a culture born? We who are believers in the scriptures believe that from one man and one woman all human beings descend (those who believe in the Bible that this happened twice—with Adam and Eve and then with … Continue reading

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