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In The Heat Of The Night

In his 1987 single “Heat Of The Night,” Bryan Adams sang a dark noir song about a terrible reckoning. The song became one of his more successful singles, a top ten hit [1]. Not long after this, from 1988 to … Continue reading

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I Woke Up In Between A Memory And A Dream

One of the subjects I write about at some length and all too frequently, and something I would like to be able to write about less, is my troublesome sleep life [1]. During the course of my life, I have … Continue reading

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Better Than Our Wildest Dreams

For someone whose dream life has been anything but simple and straightforward [1], I think about dreams a lot, both in an attempt to understand their often malign role in my own life as well as the larger social importance … Continue reading

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A Great Capacity To Dream

Today I would like to comment some on a quotation from page 34 of a book I am reading titled The Stress Of Life, a quote that deals particularly with the scientific world but has a lot of applicability outside … Continue reading

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Three For The Price Of One

For a variety of reasons, I tend to be someone who is prone to nightmares. Last night, though, for reasons I do not entirely understand, I managed to have three separate nightmares in one night (an impressive feat), and though … Continue reading

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