Three For The Price Of One

For a variety of reasons, I tend to be someone who is prone to nightmares. Last night, though, for reasons I do not entirely understand, I managed to have three separate nightmares in one night (an impressive feat), and though I do not have the time to analyze them in detail (which might be fun, I suppose), at least it might be good to provide further reasons why I don’t need to watch horror movies because they play inside my mind on occasion. I simply wished to record these dreams for future reference, in case any of them end up being odd and symbolic.

The first dream I had was of a slasher who seemed to cut people like Jack The Ripper. This was the first nightmare I had (that I remember) and I don’t remember his motivations or who he was targeting, but I knew that I was a target too, and the dream was so vivid I ended up waking up for a bit, which is always a bit scary, because when I take up from dreams I tend to do so in full-fledged panic attack mode, which is not particularly enjoyable to feel. (It has been a while since I had a panic attack outside of the context of nightmares, but I know that it has happened at least a couple of times and it is generally pretty embarrassing when it does.)

The second dream was also considerably odd. I dreamed that I had some friends who liked kissing poisonous snakes, for whatever reason (cobras in particular, with their hoods), and the snakes were docile for them. Unfortunately, while on the way to a wedding, the snakes escaped and were decidedly less docile. Fortunately, I was armed with a sword and managed to defeat those snakes that tried to lunge at me, but it was still quite odd and disconcerting to have to do so. After that we left for the wedding in peace. This was the least nightmarish dream of the lot, but definitely full of information that would need to be unpacked.

The third dream was very troubling, partly for the content of the dream and partly for the fact that it seemed so matter of fact while it was going on. I dreamed I was in a particularly dysfunctional family, where there was a tyrannical father who had already killed one of his children teaching his children the ways of illegal logging (of the kind that goes on a lot in Thailand, it should be noted). It appeared that he disciplined his children frequently with violence and the threat of violence. In the POV I was in, he apparently tasked my character not to run away and pulled out a handgun to enforce the threat. What was almost as nightmarish as the content of that dream was the fact that there was a calmness about having to deal with that, as if that was normal conduct. At any rate, any further elucidation of that dream was ended when I woke up thanks to my 6:00AM alarm clock. I guess I was saved by the bell on that one.

I would not say as if last night’s dreams were typical, but throughout my life I have been prone to nightmares and these dreams are part of a lifelong tendency to be troubled in my sleep by dreams of harm and violence. Since I do not have the time to unpack these meanings now, I cannot speculate on them, but a threefold series of nightmares about beings bent upon my destruction through various means was significant enough for me to record for future reference. Fortunately, God is stronger than any snakes or murderous parents or knife killers. What a bizarre sort of thing to dream, though.

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