Book Review: Give It To God And Go To Bed

Give It To God And Go To Bed, by Laura Harris Smith

[Note: This book was provided by Chosen Books in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

This is not the book I expected it to be. What I expected was a book about dealing with and overcoming anxiety and improving one’s sleep. That was not what I found here, though, instead, finding the book to be far more focused on the author’s self-image as an expert on subjects of spiritual warfare. This was not necessarily an unwelcome surprise, but the author’s perspective demonstrates a particular approach to matters of psychology and spirituality. Those who are more aware of the author’s perspective might find this book to be less of a surprise than I did, and that might make this book easier to enjoy because my mystification of the book’s contents relative to its title caused some issues for me.

This book is about 250 pages long and consists of ten chapters that view the issue of sleep and giving it to God (the titular subject matter) as more of an extended metaphor about how various spiritual and emotional issues can be compared to things that either help or harm one’s sleep life. So it is, for example, that fear, addictions, and unforgiveness are the junk that is under one’s bed (7), political theater, social media, and television are the world outside one’s window (5), and monitoring spirits, familiar spirits, and a wardrobe to die for are the monsters in the closet (3). The author shows a strong interest in dreams–it is a large part of her ministry–and also has a lot more to say about the influences that are present in our lives than might have been assumed to be the case from the start.

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