Book Review: 100 Best Bible Verses To Overcome Worry & Anxiety

100 Best Bible Verses To Overcome Worry & Anxiety, by Bethany House Publishing

[Note: This book was provided free of charge by Bethany House Publishing in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

This is not the sort of book that one usually reads cover to cover, but as someone who has certainly dealt with my fair share of anxiety, this is a book I can readily appreciate. The Bible does speak about worry, anxiety, and related subjects quite a lot, and this does a very good job at providing a substantial portion of that material in a way that can be used as a resource for Bible study, prayer, and personal reflection. To the extent that the reader is troubled by such issues–as all too many of us are–this book is a reminder that the Bible preaches a consistent message that we are to overcome such matters with faith and courage. If that is not always easy to do, this book certainly does a good job providing exhortation without being heavy-handed about it, and it is to be regretted that this book does not have an individual author who could be praised and appreciated for the tact that this book shows.

This book is organized rather simply but that is definitely for the best. In a bit more than 200 pages, the book contains 100 Bible verses that deal with subjects of worry and anxiety. Each of these chapters is organized in the same fashion, beginning with the relevant verse, then looking at the context, meaning, and application of such verses, before providing three similar verses for cross-referencing and further Bible Study. As a worthwhile research for those dealing with or speaking about anxiety, this book has a lot to offer.

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