On The Joys Of Bilaying

People often find it entertaining and unusual to hear that while I have never done any sort of rock climbing that I have done bilaying. This is not something that many people can say, but I suppose I am the sort of person about whom it may be said. I think it worthwhile to explain my (brief) experience in bilaying and what joy I found in it. After all, the joy of bilaying is not the sort of joy that everyone has and there are definitely aspects to bilaying that are useful in other areas of life. Not everyone is going to appreciate bilaying, but those who do will appreciate other similar and related things.

How did I learn the joy of bilaying? It was about fifteen years ago or so I went to an event that was held at a rock wall and a lot of people wanted to climb on the rock wall. Now, I was asked if I wanted to climb and knowing my lack of balance I decided not to climb. But I did decide to bilay, and it just so happened that there was a boy who really wanted to rock climb and who was obviously not going to be the sort of person who could bilay for others, and so it was that for hours I would bilay and work on the ropes while he would figure out various ways to climb up this rock wall, often quite quickly, knowing that he was safe and could experiment with just about any climb up the wall that he could dare to do because he was securely harnessed in.

It is easy enough to see the joy of climbing. You overcome the pull of gravity and find your way up a wall of rock to get to a point where you feel and are on top of the world, at least at a local maximum. But the joy of bilaying is a more subtle one. It is the joy of helping someone else to climb, helping them stay safe, and giving them the logistical help needed for them to be able to climb safely, hopefully increasing their courage and daring in the process. To be sure, there are people who are daring but not safe, but it is better to be daring after one has done what one can do to do so without injury.

To be sure, bilaying is not a glorious kind of activity. It is acting in a way that makes things safe and enjoyable for others. It makes others have a more safe experience and encourages them to be daring. And when we can think of those experiences we have where we can make life better for others, bilaying is one of those cases. To be sure, it requires a fair amount of effort to bilay someone, but one can see the payoff from the labor as well. I know I did when I engaged in it, and I suspect that others who have experience and who have found joy in bilaying would also like other activities that can improve the life and enjoyment that others experience. It is a love of service, of being helpful and encouraging.

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