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The Lost One: Part Six

In the end, it was not such a bad thing for the Gorman ship and its refugees to run into the Multipians, as happened quite easily once the Gorman ship passed through the asteroid belt and towards the planet that … Continue reading

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Book Review: Knight Templar 1120-1312

Knight Templar 1120-1312, by Helen Nicholson, illustrated by Wayne Reynolds This book is admittedly a very short book and by no means as long as it could have been. Yet although it is a short book and not long at … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: The Go-Gos

I have pondered the case of the Go-Gos for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for a while. They clearly have a lot of fans–the group has been frequently recommended to me by readers in lists of acts I … Continue reading

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