The Lost One: Part Six

In the end, it was not such a bad thing for the Gorman ship and its refugees to run into the Multipians, as happened quite easily once the Gorman ship passed through the asteroid belt and towards the planet that seemed the most likely to be a place to settle there in the Shapur system. So it was that the Multipian scout ship was waiting for the Gorman cargo vessel when it approached Shapur 3. The Multipians had the studied air of those who had chosen their spot and knew what it was about. On the other hand, the Gorman ship had to decide what the proper approach should be towards the Multipians and what mood they would be in. While the captain was trying to decide which course to take, he received a hailing message from the Multipian ship, and he witnessed Lisbeth and her dinosaur on his view screen and realized that his fears about being tracked had come to pass.

“I am Professor Lisbeth Zambrano of the Multipians,” she began. “We request a parlay with you and those who you represent concerning the settlement of residents within the condominium we have with Valleria in this system. Would you prefer to meet on your ship or mine?”

The captain requested some time to make a proper response and summoned the elder to him as well as Eva and her dinosaur, so that they would all be in the bridge when he re-opened communication with the Multipians. Admittedly, as a cargo vessel, he did not feel that he had the sort of equipment for a military option, but by sending a scout vessel instead of an armed cruiser, the Multipians had tipped their hand that they sought a diplomatic solution as well, though the presence of dinosaurs suggested that they could disable their vessel if the dinosaurs were unhappy. The captain conferred with the elder and it was decided that the Multipians should be hosted on the cargo ship where they would be able to observe the health of the growing dinosaur as well as the state of the refugees, who might make a favorable impression that the Gorman themselves would be unable to do.

When the captain expressed his wish for the Multipians to parlay with him and with the refugees on his ship, it did not take long for the Multipian scout vessel to connect with his own and for his vessel to be boarded by a party that contained Professor Lisbeth, whom he had already met, and her dinosaur companion, as well as a youngish woman who strongly resembled the simple folk who were refugees on his ship and her dinosaur companion as well as the captain of the Multipian vessel and three additional dinosaurs, including one juvenile. The Multipians thanked the Gorman captain for his hospitality and they went to a large room where the parlay could take place with as many visitors and witnesses as possible. Before too long they found themselves visiting the room where Eva had sought to hide her young dinosaur companion.

Lisbeth turned to Eva and asked if she and the dinosaur had bonded. Eva wondered what she meant, and Lisbeth explained that these dinosaurs bonded by placing their forehead against someone else, and Eva happily told her that this is what the dinosaur had done with her. Lisbeth explained that her own companion had bonded with her when she was a teenager. At this point Lisbeth introduced the elder and Eva to her friend and associate Hephizbah, who then explained to them that she too was of the simple folk on Multi Prime who dwelled in peace near the capital city of the Multipians and were at peace with the rest of the people there on the planet. It comforted the simple folk to know that the Multipians were favorably disposed to them even if their pietism prevented them from being a part of any military efforts and the simplicity of life that they lived made them unattractive for taxes. Still, the fact that they were hardworking farmers and tended not to be politically ambitious gave them at least something in their favor for a sufficiently tolerant empire as the Multipians were.

It soon became apparent that the basis of a tripartite agreement between all the parties there, with the Multipians speaking not only on their own behalf but also on behalf of the absent Vallerians. The positions of the various parties were pretty straightforward. The people of Gorman wanted to make sure that they were not cut out of any trade possibilities and wanted to be able to profit openly and travel openly in the area. This was something that the Multipians and Vallerians were willing to respect so long as the Gorman traders were not involved in any sort of unacceptable arms or drug smuggling or something of that nature. On the other hand, Gorman efforts at transporting simple folk from old Earth to Shapur 4 would be acceptable to everyone involved, and might provide some profit to be found for the people of Gorman as well. The Vallerians and Multipians were okay with settlement of the area, as that would justify their own increase in an infrastructure of trade and travel in the region, so long as the population that was in the area was politically quietist, which was true of the simple folk, who were obviously not interested in acquiring an empire of their own. Thus the Multipians were in a place to be generous. And what the simple folk desired was straightforward as well, a home of their own where they could feel safe and to live according to their ways. This was something that the Multipians were willing to grant as well, and it was clear that their settlement on Shapur 4 would allow for a place for the people of Gorman to continue to profit from transporting settlements of simple folk for fun and profit.

It was at this point that the dinosaurs themselves had something to say. First there was the matter that the baby dinosaur that they brought developed a sparkling relationship with the lost dinosaur on the ship, something that could be seen by everyone involved. Even Eva was able to notice that her companion was growing up a bit and was developing a bit of a relationship with the dinosaur that she had just met. And so it was that when the planet itself was being inspected and toured that the dinosaur’s parents expressed a desire to settle on Shapur 4 as well. The feelings of the dinosaurs about settlement provided a way for Multipia’s interests to be protected and also for some measure of safety to be present for the simple folk and also to provide a reason for continued Multipian observation of the free settlement. Once a sufficient amount of bonding had taken place, the human beings who had themselves formed bonds with the dinosaurs realized that the interests of the parties could all be maintained through communication of goodwill among each other. And so it was that the treaty of Shapur 4 established for the first time peaceful relations between Multipia and Gorman that allowed for trade rights of the Gorman within the Multipian empire, thus, at a stroke, rendering it unnecessary for the practice of smuggling to continue, given that they would be able to obtain what Multipia grew for very reasonable prices. Similarly, the simple folk of Shapur 4 found that they were in possession of a home that was in a secluded and peaceful section of the galaxy, and that the Vallerians and Multipians were both good neighbors to them as their numbers grew and as they bid fair to turn the entire system into a homeland for simple folk who were suffering from oppression elsewhere. In time their skills at crafts allowed them to participate in a modest but honorable way with the larger trade of the system as a whole. And the spread of the korinthidons into the system allowed for the system to link with the communication network of the Multipian empire, and soon it was realized by more and more people that having some friendly dinosaurs around was without a doubt a very good thing.

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