One of the most consistent aspects of life is that people enjoy telling their own story.  One of the characteristic issues of our lives is that we want to tell our stories but have few people to tell those stories too.  In the old days, perhaps, people would sit around a table or campfire and tell stories to appreciative audiences as the day turned into night and perhaps as the night turned into morning.  Such times are all too hard to find.  Even were such things not against the rules because of social distancing rules they cut against the isolated spirit of our own times.  Yet even in our own times we will often spend time and money to see stories told by people who we like, people who create culture that we appreciate or athletes or other people we judge as celebrities who live interesting lives.

I have always found myself fascinated personally by the stories that people have to tell about their own lives.  When life happens to creative people, one of the inevitable things is that what happens in life will be transmuted into some kind of art.  Sometimes the art is relatively straightforward as in a memoir, sometimes the art becomes more complicated, but however it works out, it finds its way working out somehow.  And when two artists end up together, their lives often end up both ending up influencing their art in ways that are often complicated.  The story that we create is not always going to be the same story that we hear from others.  And when two creative people tell their side of the story, it can be possible at least to try to triangulate the truth from the partial appearances you see from each person.  And that can be a fascinating thing for outsiders to experience.

Understanding the truth about the stories of people is hard.  To be sure, we may often believe that our stories are the whole truth and that we have somehow managed to overcome bias.  But that is seldom the case.  In general, we are either biased in our own favor or, if we crucify our natural feelings and work against our biases, we end up being self-hating and biased against ourselves.  This second state is especially tragic because if we are not biased in our own favor, we can expect no one else to be, and thus if we do not defend our own interests, no one on this earth will.  And that is a frightening thought, because it is all too hard for us to defend our own interests on this world when so many would want to wish to take advantage of us or would wish for us to take advantage of them in some fashion.  Let us not do likewise.  For we cannot truly love and respect others until we love and respect ourselves.

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I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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