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They Will Look Upon Me Whom They Pierced: Part Two

[Note: This is the prepared text for a sermonette given to the Portland, Oregon congregation of the United Church of God on Sabbath, August 29, 2020.] Just a bit more than six months ago, as we approached the Passover and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Rider Haggard: A Biography

Rider Haggard: A Biography, by D.S. Higgins Rider Haggard is the sort of person whose complex personality and historical legacy as a novelist are something I can well appreciate. Although he became enduringly famous as an adventure novelist, he had … Continue reading

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Book Review: Rider Haggard And The Lost Empire

Rider Haggard And The Lost Empire: A Biography, by Tom Pocock This book has a strange elegiac tone about it, in that it is discussing someone who had a great deal of what might conventionally be considered as success but … Continue reading

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Book Review: Rider Haggard

Ridger Haggard, by Norman Etherington Like many people, I am only familiar with the subject of his book from one of his noted romances, King Solomon’s Mines [1], which I saw as a generally enjoyable adventure story, as well as … Continue reading

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